Monday, July 27, 2015

Internet Auto Insurance?

Watching television these days includes a constant stream of auto insurance advertisements.

Cheaper!  We are cheaper! We are the cheapest!

And shop on the Internet!

Is cheaper auto insurance always better?

Probably not.

If you have a home (or need renter’s insurance) your insurance should probably be bundled, which accounts for a large portion of the population. Do you need umbrella liability? Boat or camper insurance?

And having a real living breathing insurance agent can often be helpful.

Buyer beware.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Identity Theft Series - Paper is for Shredding

For $30 or less you can buy a small household shredder that will fit on a plastic waste basket. This is a major tool in your fight against identity theft.

Your trash can may be golden to people who need to steal identities to commit all sorts of financial crimes.

For those with larger amounts of confidential paperwork, a larger shredder can be had for a reasonable amount.

These days a good quality shredder does not cut strips, it cuts strips and then crosscuts the strips into confetti.

Don't have a shredder? A good pair of scissor and some enthusiastic cutting is almost as good (cutting paperwork in half does no good, determined thieves will reconstruct paper work from pieces). The paper must be cut into many, many pieces.

Any paper work with identifying data, even if it is several years old, may be used be identity thieves to search out the rest of your data and to begin misuse of your data.

Don't let your trash become your worst enemy.