Monday, January 18, 2016

The Criminals Go High Trech

There have been news reports that scammers are setting up false identities for your telephone caller ID.

So when the scammer calls your phone will say “IRS” or “Credit Bureau” or “First National Bank” or some other legitimate organization.

Best bet – let all such calls go to voice mail, listen to the message and then decide if this is someone you should talk to.

If you get on the phone with any suspicious, ask for a call back number of make up an excuse to hang up.

Again, the IRS will not contact you via phone. And no, you did not win the Australian Lottery.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'll Take Them to Court!!

Probably not.

Somewhere buried in the “terms and conditions” or application or some other paperwork (or computer file) you agreed to mandatory binding arbitration and waived your rights to a lawsuit and/or class action filing.

This applies whether you signed something or clicked a box in agreement with terms and conditions.

The Supreme Court has ratified this as valid contract law. Didn’t read the thousands of words and didn’t find the language buried in the agreement? Too bad.

Most of the time this doesn’t matter all that much. Even when we are angry with the cable company or the cell phone company we are not going to hire a lawyer and sue them. 

Sometimes though, with nursing homes or stock brokers or others this could be important.

Ask questions, insist on answers. Be careful what you sign. Or click.

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