Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Criminals

Porch Robbers

Bad guys are following delivery trucks and stealing packages from front porches.

If you are expecting a particularly valuable package you may want to track it online and try to be home when the package arrives.

Charity Scams

Fake charities and charities with extremely high administrative costs are after your money this time of year.

Most of the charities have impressive sounding names and often focus on veterans, the hungry, the disabled and cute puppies.

Never give a debit or credit card number over the phone, and do not donate unless the charity will send you something in writing that explains their work, and you first check out the charity on-line.

Purse Snatchers, Pick Pockets and the Mall

Shop during the day, shop during off hours when you can park close, and be aware of those around you.

Do not flash cash, an expensive smart phone or anything that makes you a target. Best to not shop alone.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Phony and Phonier

What is making the news in terms of financial abuse of seniors citizens?

Phony lottery winning schemes:

Congratulations, you have won $250,000 in the Australian National Lottery!

Wire $500 for required taxes and fees and we will release you prize!

People do fall for this, even though they never entered the Australian lottery.

Phony IRS calls:

The IRS will never make an initial contact via telephone, you will receive written notice. Never give anyone claiming to be an IRS agent your credit or debit card information, or any other information.

NEVER wire money or give anyone your credit card number unless you are absolutely certain the deal is legitimate.