Monday, June 10, 2019

Sketchy Fund Raisers

A group that raised more than $20 million online to "build the wall" for President Trump bought a yacht and apparently partied through much of the money.

Some "charities" spend 85-95% of their funds on administration and fund raising.

Daily there are on-line charity appeals for specific cases and various on-going charities. And then there are the political pitches. Some are outright phony, and some are deceptive.

Many smaller political action committees (PACs) and some charities burn up most of their money on administration and more fund raising, so they can then pay themselves bigger salaries.

Charities in particular use "words" to pull at your wallet. "Veterans" and "cancer" are two of the best magic words for sketchy fund raisers.

Do some homework before giving money to charity or political causes, especially smaller and lesser known charities.