Friday, November 27, 2015

Seasonal Shopping Tips

This is the biggest shopping day of the year! So be careful. Some tips:

If you shop on-line use sites you know and trust.

Be careful of surfing into unknown sites via pop-up ads.

Be careful of pop-up ads in general, unless you are taken to a known site.

Be very careful with credit and debit card numbers. Remember your credit card has better fraud protection.

A Paypal account ads another level of security. A personal account is free and easy to set up.  

Read terms and conditions carefully before purchase.

Read shipping information carefully. Read insurance-in-transit information if considering a large purchase.

Much of this advice also applies for in-store shopping. Be certain of all key terms of the transaction (returns, warranties, etc.). On smaller purchases a warranty may be a bad gamble, don't get bulldozed by the salesman.

Enjoy your shopping!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Work from Home?

"I make $7000 a week working on the Internet! So can you! It is easy."

No, not really.

When you click the link either some website will ask you for personal information or you will be the recipient of a trojan or virus, usually without your knowledge.

There is no Internet free lunch.

Note: emails from strange places with “click this link” are best deleted immediately, and requests to confirm your password are usually hacker traps.