Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Contractor Scams Part II

Cheap driveway sealing, a special deal on a new roof, a tree trimmer from 1000 miles away......

Common scams perpetrated often on senior citizens, and summer is prime time.

Some rules:

Never have anything done by a contractor from 1000 miles away who “just happens to be in the area and finished a job early.”

Never have anything done by a contractor who will not give a written estimate on some sort of real business form (tablet paper may be a tip off).

Always insist on a written estimate for anything more than a minor repair (being done by someone you know well).

Never give in to the “this sale only goes until 5:00 pm today.”

For a major project, insist on freshly dated proof of liability insurance and bonding (on big projects) and ask for proof of workers comp insurance. No proof, no work.

Do not give a large pre-payment because “we need materials.” If the need is legitimate, set up an account at the local lumber yard and pre-pay there. This depends how well you know the contractor.

Always get written information on warranties, both work and materials (shingles).