Monday, November 7, 2016

Elderly Woman Held Hostage - In a Foreign Hospital

An elderly Indiana woman was held hostage in a Mexican hospital which did not recognize her Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance. She was attending her granddaughter's wedding in Cancun.

The woman needed emergency cardiac surgery, and the family had to come up with $55,000 before she could have surgery. Then the hospital demanded another $50,000 or so before discharge. Eventually the family, with help from a Congressman, bought her freedom with another $20,000 and is still being billed for the large balance.

The for-profit hospital group is known to the Mexican government for predatory business and billing practices.

Lessons learned?

First, U.S. insurance may be useless in foreign countries. Considering buying travel health insurance, but remember that travel insurance might not solve the problem either.

Second, be careful where you travel. Tell your granddaughter to have her wedding in good old U.S.A.!