Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hang Up the Darn Phone

Phone calls from phony "IRS agents" are still getting money from senior citizens.

Hang up the phone.

The IRS will always make first contact via mail, and usually waits for you to call them.

Hang up the phone.

Do not be too polite to hit the "end call"  button. 

Hang up the phone.

Do not try to joust with the callers, they are professional thieves and liars. You are not.

Hang up the phone.

And remember the rule in our book, never answer a phone call if you do not recognize the number. That is why you have voicemail.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Don't Be Like Prince Part I

Prince (Rogers Nelson) was a major popular musician for the past 30 years, selling maybe 100 million albums.

He died without a will, or at least without a will that can be found.

This happens frequently and not just to celebrities.

You should have an up-to-date will and some family member/s or some responsible person should know where it is. Family members should also know who your attorney is and the attorney should have a copy.

Do not put your original will in your safety deposit box, it may require a court order to get to it.

Be certain your funeral arrangements are easy to retrieve, someone needs that information right away. If you have a pre-need plan be certain family members know which funeral home.

Our book addresses this and many related issues.